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"This is bag number FIVE!! 

I just love Wendy's bags. I'm leaving this review after just having ordered bag number SIX!! 

It's all right though, I'm looking at two more. ."

"Omg! I Love it so much! I've been wanting this bag for years now and I'm so happy it's finally mine. It is a bit tricky to close, but over all it's more beautiful and amazing than I could even imagine. Shipping was surprisingly speedy to US. Thank you!"

Aileen V.

"I absolutely love my beetle bag!! In Washington, DC

I ordered the beetle bag in black and I cannot tell you how much I love it. It is beautifully and artfully crafted and well made. I received it quickly and immediately used it. The bag was the topic of conversation at the nail salon. Everyone loved it so I told them about Aumi4 and Wendy. I just placed an order for 3 more bags."